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Stunning beauty of wild nature, fresh air and water, herbs, antler bath (a hot bath with reindeer antler extract) and all the conditions for active vacation have beneficial effect on your health and increase the strength of your organism. Make use of elite Russian wood banya (traditional Russian bath) with a font, shower and herbal tea or Finnish sauna. It is unforgettable feeling to plunge into invigorative spring water after having been warmed up by venik massage (venik is a leafy, fragrant bundle of leafy birch tree twigs).

Unique Antler Bath

Spring is the time of cutting antlers of young Siberian stags. Antlers are natural product, bearer of heeling bio information of organic origin. It is known that its use increases vital energy of organism, improves circulation, improves tissue regeneration, it is very effective for fastening regeneration of muscle tissue after it has been damaged resulting from intense physical exertion as well as it appears to slow down the process of aging of organism.

Contemporary live with its furious stressing out pace, physical inactivity irregularity of work and rest routine and irregular eating habits leads to deterioration of central nervous system, trophic damage of all the functioning systems of the human body, including heart and vessels, peripheral nevrous system, that causes the development of most widespread premorbid conditions and desieses of mordern life such as chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic syndrome, cardio-vascular pathology, motor organs pathology, etc.

Long-lasting condition of chronic stress causes decrease of adaptation abilities of the organism. Therefore it is important to take adaptogens of herbal and organic origin to counteract the negative effect these have on the body.

The positive effect of antler baths appears after 4-6 procedures in quantitative and qualitative reduction of symptoms, lowering anxiety, improving efficiency and sleep.
The antlers of Altai stags possess a wide range of therapeutic benefits, such as:

Therefore the antlers of Altai stags are wonderful natural adaptogen product containing powerful energy of severe nature of Gorny Altai.